“The Drop Box”: A Guide To Start Conversations After The Film

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Director Brian Ivie and co-producers Will Tober and Bryce Komae bring to us the inspiring story of modern-day hero Pastor Lee Jong-Rak in this film “The Drop Box“.  After having his own severely disabled child and continually finding abandoned babies on the streets of Seoul, Korea, Pastor Lee decided to create a safe way for women to anonymously leave their unwanted babies behind.  Since then, the “drop box” has saved the lives of over 300 babies, mostly disabled children.  Pastor Lee and his wife currently care for 15 of these children in their own home.

[pullquote]“I always pray that there will be no more abandoned babies in this country and no more in our box. That’s all I want.[/pullquote] In spite of some commentary before and after the film by Focus on the Family, the film is well made, thought-provoking, and a step above what we typically see from Christian media (alas, often greatest intentions but less-than-great production quality).  It will only be showing in select theaters over the next few days but, if it is being screened near you, this film is worth taking your youth group, young adult group, or Bible study to see. Below, we have some discussion questions to use with your group after viewing the movie.

DropBox Conversation Guide


– How did this film speak to you about the value and dignity of all human life?

– What people in the film demonstrated the importance of caring for each child of God?

– Do you think that disabled and handicapped people have a purpose in our world? How was that conveyed through the film?

– Which of the children featured did you identify with the most? How did they inspire you?

– Why do you think Pastor Lee cares so deeply for these children?


– Several people featured in the film have overcome trials and hardships.  How did they inspire you?

– Pastor Lee’s health was mentioned as an issue.  What drives him to spend sleepless nights and countless hours to meet the needs of his children?

– Think about the last few things you have complained about – the weather, not being able to find your cell phone, etc.  How can a film like this put those inconveniences into a better perspective?  How can we be encouraged to persevere through our trials?

The Controversy:

– Many of the experts seemed to feel that creating a Drop Box encourages women to abandon their children.  Do you agree? Why or why not?

The Culture:

– It appeared that there is a cultural attitude in Korea that looks down upon teen mothers, single mothers and children with disabilities.  Is this also true in your culture?

– How can we move from judgement to love for both teen mothers and unwed mothers?

– Do you feel it is a better choice to abort or abandon a baby? Why? 

Our mission:

*After watching a film like this, your heart is deeply moved.  What are some things that we can do to help abandoned children and those who minister to them?

* One of the many admirable qualities of Pastor Lee is that he has initiative.  He didn’t sit around and wait for someone else to fix a problem.  He didn’t wait for someone to ask him to help or give him an official title.  He saw the need and he acted.  Not everyone is called to save abandoned babies.  Is there something in your life you have been waiting on? How can you move forward with it? How can you serve Christ by serving His people?

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your family or faith community to see this life-changing movie!

Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. – Psalm 27:10

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