Only The Church Can Whup The Devil – Reason #30 Dr. Peter Kreeft Is Catholic

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Whenever anybody gets really serious about exorcism, they go to a Catholic priest. Did you ever see a movie with a Protestant exorcist?

The Catholic Church is an “expert” in the most dangerous war of all, spiritual warfare. Why? For these reasons:

  1. Jesus was. He performed many exorcisms in the Gospels. And His Church does His work.
  2. She has the experience of two thousand years of this work.
  3. She has the supernatural power to do this work, given to her by the Holy Spirit.
  4. The Devil is an “expert” at attacking his holiest and most formidable enemies.
  5. Almost nobody in our culture today believes the Devil even exists anymore, and in any war, ignoring your enemy makes him invisible and ten times more powerful.
  6. Natural weapons alone are insufficient against a supernatural enemy.
  7. We have a nuclear arsenal in Mary, who is more powerful in gently protecting her beloved children than the Devil is in attacking them.
  8. The Devil loves to target women and children, especially in our culture today.
  9. The Devil really, really resents being smashingly whupped by a woman, especially a womanly woman, holy and humble and (therefore) happy instead of an Amazon full of anger and resentment and belligerence like himself. Just look at all Mary has done in recent history, from Guadalupe to Fatima and Zeitoun. (Never heard of it? Google it.) To purchase, click the link provided.

This article is an excerpt from Dr. Peter Kreeft’s Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic. To purchase, click the link provided.

Dr. Peter Kreeft Forty Reasons I AM A Catholic
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