5 Catholic Speakers To Invite To Your Next Parish Event

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Catholic Speakers all over are not just bringing refreshing, incredible talks to events, but also holy experiences.  Inviting a dynamic Catholic to come speak at your parish can be a refreshing event for the whole community.  You can find Catholic speakers in your area by going to catholicinfluencers.com.  Here are 5 Catholic Speakers who are inspiring others to live their faith more fully in ways that are unique and possible in a busy, modern life.

Loving Life and Living Liturgically | Steffani Aquila

Steffani Aquila, owner of His Girl Sunday, a business and blog that helps individuals, families, and parishes live liturgically and build long-lasting, authentic Catholic traditions, brings a unique perspective to liturgical living that goes beyond one day feast day activities.  Through her background in theology and as the Director of Liturgical Life, she shows individuals, married couples, families and parish communities how to live the liturgical year in light of maintaining old traditions and growing new ones.

Learn more about Steffani Aquila and Liturgical Living Talks at https://www.hisgirlsunday.com/

The Eucharist: the Source and Summit of our Faith | Tammi McCarthy

At an age when many of us could use adult catechesis, Tammi McCarthy ministers to the parents of children receiving their sacraments.  Tammi recognizes this as a great way for the Church to serve families and to offer talks rich with Church teachings.  The talk entitled “The Eucharist: the source and summit of Our Faith” addresses the Catholic Church’s belief in Transubstantiation, the belief that holds that the bread and wine used for holy communion actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.  This talk uses quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Holy Scripture as evidence of this belief.  In addition, many Eucharistic miracles that have occurred throughout Church history are described and Saints who spoke about the Eucharist are discussed.  This talk invites all who listen to partake in a greater call to return to the Eucharist and introduce their families to Eucharistic Adoration. 

Learn more about Tammi McCarthy at https://whispersofloveandfaith.com/

Sacred Presentations that bring Truth Through Beauty | Kate Capato

Taking to heart the concept of leading with beauty, Kate Capato brings a unique event with original paintings and collaborates with husband with live music to share the truths of our faith. It is powerful to see the Holy Spirit working through beauty! 

Kate’s talks include an immersive experience, an in depth explanation of the language of beauty, instruction about how God communicates with us and a total new way to pray using Visio Divna (a way of listening to God through art).

Each of Kate Catpato’s talks is rooted in Church teaching and includes:

  • time of Eucharistic focused prayer
  • Live music
  • original Sacred Art

Find out more about Kate Capato and her talks at visualgrace.org

From Brokenness to Restoration in Christ | Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez is a storyteller that speaks about her own journey through brokenness and trauma to restoration in Christ.  Lisa uses humor, her background in mental health, theology and English writing, as well as her God given unique gifts to minister to and inspire hope and healing.  Lisa aims to share Christ’s love with all at her talks.

Find out more about Lisa Martinez at https://www.littlewithgreatlove.com/

Celebrating our Identity in Christ and Keeping the Faith Relevant in our Lives | Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks, author of Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Girls and Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys speaks to audiences of all ages.  Our identity in Christ is being relentlessly questioned, debated and denied by a confused culture.  Amy Brooks will share stories that assure those listening that God does indeed hear personal prayers and He has a plan for each individual.  By inspiring others with personal battles of despair, loneliness and infertility, Amy encourages each listener to strive for sainthood in a way that is peaceful and practical. Amy’s talks can incorporate a prayer journaling workshop for adults and other interactive activities for students preparing for Confirmation.  Learn more about how to have Amy speak at your parish by visiting prayerwinechocolate.com.

More and more, our communities need and seek in-person events.  Inviting an inspirational Catholic to share his or her story with your community is a way to reignite your community and draw people into real relationships with God and one another. 

There are incredible Catholics sharing inspirational stories all over the U.S. and beyond.

Find Catholic Speakers and more over at catholicinfluencers.com

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