“Christian Singer-Songwriter bringing hope to broken and weary souls.” That’s how Taylor Tripodi’s website describes her, and it is certainly true.

One listen to her music, and your soul will be consoled with the gentle, moving music and her equally strong but soothing voice.

Talent and mission is why her “Stand in Awe” has over 1.5 million listens on Spotify (and counting). She doesn’t just sing in her spare time as a side hobby; this is her full-time profession—to profess Christ through music!

Taylor Tripodi was also listed in the top 30 Catholic Musicians in the world by Aleteia, and her “Awakening” album has over 5 million streams worldwide.

She’s not out for fame or fortune, though. She wants you to encounter Christ.

Based in Nashville, Taylor Tripodi is also a wife and mother. She began as a youth minister for the Church until she followed her calling to sing, write songs, and lead worship full-time.

In her music, no instrument is aggressive, but all blend together in harmonies and melodies that are both classical and contemporary with her gifted vocals.

When you sing you pray twice, so it is said. Rather than sing secular songs, especially during Lent, turn on Taylor Tripodi’s soul-healing songs. Add her music to your praise and worship, drive, or other positive, uplifting playlists. 

This music is safe for children, but not childish. The lyrics are inspiring, avoid being over-simplistic, and therefore call listeners into a deeper relationship with God.

“Live Wide Open” is inspired by the CS Lewis quote “To love is to be vulnerable” and preaches “you were made for love even if your heart is broken.”

“We are the saints redeemed, children of God set free, dancing in the street,” she sings to you through “We Are Alive.”

In “Just As I Am,” she emphasizes the we have nothing to prove. Where the world wants us to prove ourselves, God loves us through everything without us needing to ever earn His Love. God sees us and loves us “just as [we] are.” Therefore, Taylor Tripodi sings, that is why we should go to Him wherever we find ourselves.

That’s not all to choose from. She has four discs and EPs to choose from—or just add everything! She’d go great on a playlist with Sarah Kroger, Aly Aleigha, Matt Mahr, and Brother Isaiah. These are definitely songs you want to pop into your mind just when you need to hear the Good News.  

You can find her on Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. Or her own website: https://www.taylortripodi.com/

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