Can You Beat Scott Hahn On A Quiz About The Creed?

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Oftentimes today the idea of a “creed” is associated with closed-thinking and mediocrity. Yet the early Christians were willing to die to protect a single iota of the creed! In their days, the authorities of ancient times considered it to be a threat to the established social order. Thus, when truly understood and professed, the Creed was – and still is today – a very revolutionary thing!

While the danger of the creed becoming just some formula that we repeat mechanically is real in any age, the more we learn about its history and the truths that it tries to express, the more it will become something alive that teaches us a lot about what it means to be Christian.

To help you along this path, we have put together a quiz on the Creed. The questions and answers are based on Dr. Scott Hahn’s new book, In The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages.

In it, he takes you back to the beginnings of our Church and explains, step by step, how the creed was born and why it was so important. While keeping it simple, Dr. Hahn weaves in both theological considerations based on the Father, as well as historical ones such as the first councils held in Nicea and Constantinople in the fourth century. He then goes on to take a look at the Creed, line by line, offering sound insights that will enrich Catholics from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Now it’s time to take the quiz! Give it a shot and let us know how it went below in the comment section.

How Well Do You Know the Creed?

Why were the early Christians willing to die to protect a single iota of the creed? Why have the Judeans, Romans, and Persians—among others—seen the Christian creed as a threat to the established social order?
Today’s quiz is based on the new book, The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages, where bestselling author Dr. Scott Hahn recovers and conveys the creed’s revolutionary character.

Why were creeds important at the beginning of the Church?

The Church was more worried about theology than Christian living.

The Church wanted to suppress creativity.

There were no Bibles. The Creeds were summarised versions of Jesus’s life.

The creed form was very common amongst all religious groups.

Where does the word “creed” come from?

The Latin word “credo”

The Greek work “πιστεύω”

The Hebrew word “לְהַאֲמִין”

The Arabic word “آمن”

What were the two general types of creeds?

Just declaration

Multiple Choice & Declaration

Question-and-Answer & Fill-in-the-blank

Question-and-Answer & Declaration

What are the two most common creeds?

The Constantinople Creed and the Chalcedonian Creed

Nicene Creed & Apostles’ Creed

Jerusalem Creed & Apostles Creed

Apostles Creed & the Gospel Creed

Why did the creeds become more developed?

The theologians wanted to prove their intelligence.

Christianity was first aimed at those who were more cultured.

The Church needed to respond to misunderstandings, dissensions and threats.

Church authorities wanted more control over what people thought

Is the “rule of faith” the whole faith?



When referring to the Son, what does “consubstantial” mean?

It means that Jesus is almost like God

It means that the Son is of God’s same substance

It means that the Son is similar to God’s substance

It means the Son is a con of God’s substance.

What does the Greek word “kanon” mean?

Measure or rule


A belief

A heresy

When was the text we call the Nicene Creed actually elaborated upon and approved?

At the Council of Jerusalem in 50

At the Second Vatican Council in 1963

At the First Council of Constantinople in 381

At the Second Council of Constantinople in 553

Why was God’s fatherhood revolutionary?

It was not. The Jews share our beliefs regarding God’s fatherhood.

The Christians were claiming that God was masculine.

Christians were claiming that God was not only “like” a Father but that He is eternally a Father.

Christians seemed to be falling into Pagan beliefs.

Why did early Christians decide to include Mary in the creed?

It was a residue of pagan worship.

They did not. The inclusion of Mary in the creed was done in Medieval times.

Women christians protested until the Council decided to include her

She was the model of Christian belief and guaranteed a correct understanding of Jesus’ incarnation.

What does Pneutmatomachian mean?

It is the Greek word meaning “Holy Spirit”

It means “those who make war against the Spirit”

It referred to those who defended the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

It looks like Scott Hahn got the upper hand. Still, you are on the right path!

The good thing is that you attempted the quiz, so the desire to learn more is present. Check out Scott Hahn’s newest book on The Creed for a little help.

Not to shabby! Let’s call it a draw.

Dr. Hahn would be proud, but you should still check out his book. There is plenty more to learn!

In-CREED-ible work! You gave Dr. Hahn a run for his money!

Even a Master can pick up a tip or two. Check out Scott Hahn’s newest book “The Creed” to brush up on your knowledge.

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