Part of growing up is learning to share. Sometimes however we fail to recall the verb we just used: learning. Learning means effort, sacrifice, decision. It isn’t something that just appears in your heart one day, you have to want it! Today’s video is a beautiful illustration of this battle for generosity in family life. Our little six-year-old friend has one idea in his head and it seems there’s no hope of changing it: “Me!”

I am not sure about you, but I couldn’t help but smile when he had put his name on all the gifts. The scene in one sense is absolutely ridiculous: he doesn’t even know what’s inside. Still, he wants it to be his!

Things get a bit more gloomy when we realize that we often do the same thing, but with more serious consequences. Herod, for example, didn’t like the idea of sharing his kingdom now did he? We all know how that story ended.

Take a moment, then, today to ask yourself: “What do I still need to learn to share?” Think of a few, particular and concrete things and commit yourself to work on it during this Advent season.

Keep Searching, Keep Learning

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