A Hope That Can Never Be Defeated: A Letter To ISIS From The People Of The Cross

by God & Mystery of Evil, Meaning of Suffering, World's View

“Love is coming after you… An army comes, an army of martyrs. They carry a message of life. They are a people of the Cross. They come to die at your gates. There is forgiveness tonight brother…”

These are words that no man could never speak if God himself did not become flesh. Although perhaps our eyes rain with tears and our heart erupt with rage… in the darkness of war, the star of mercy shines ever brighter. Perhaps the true essence and beauty of Christianity becomes finally translucent.

Often it is challenging to understand and appreciate (which is, in the end, the same thing) our Faith and where it all began. Projected upon this somber background, there, we can perhaps glimpse just a little bit more of what that word “mercy” means to a true Christian.

Mercy is courageous and unique.

For all, friends and foes alike, seek a share in man’s good fortune; whereas it is a sign of those ruled by charity to want a share also in his misfortunes.Gregory of Nyssa

Mercy is everlasting. For after thousands of years of war, nothing is more clear than the fact that men who live by the sword, die by the sword. Their glory comes and goes like the passing wind. There is only one thing that truly changes the world: mercy.

For this we would like to share this spectacularly made video and join ourselves to their message. Let us continue to pray for our persecuted brethren, for all those victims of violence and terrorism in Paris and around the world, and for the conversion of all those who persecute them.

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