9 Kinds of “Marriages” that Prove Our Culture Has No Idea How to Define Marriage

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Studying some investigations made by the European Parliament dealing with Islam in Europe (“L’Islam nell’Unione Europea: che cosa ci riserva il futuro?”), we found a section that speaks of certain Muslim cultural practices that present significant challenges to the Christian culture of the Old World. Among these, the document confronted polygamy and deals with the possibility of assuming permissive policies towards those Muslim citizens that wish to create, maintain, and validate such a union on European soil.

After a few weak arguments, the document indicates – respecting always the mandates of political correctness– that this type of practice seriously contravenes the uses and customs of those nations that pertain to the EU and that, as such, any possible policy must be very careful with the cultural consequences that this could cause.

Still, in spite of this recognized fact, the section ends with a moment of disturbing sincerity:

Today, however, after the legalization of homosexual marriages in some countries, the issue appears to be less relevant due to the fact that the traditional Christian marriage is no longer the only institution on which a family may be judicially based. The law of the post-modern family is evermore characterized by the individualism which in turn promotes a plurality of models of marriage and family. In those judicial systems in which substantially different forms of marriage coexist on the base of a reciprocal legitimacy, polygamy may be presented as an ulterior manifestation of this type of union, being no less bound by the right to a European family as the homosexual marriage.

All this to say: homosexual marriage breaks with the natural foundation and the social function of the Christian marriage and reestablishes that foundation upon the mere decision of those contracting marriage, without concern for any social function. This opens up a breach through which not only “marriages” between people of the same-sex may enter, but a plethora of other forms as well; for example: polygamy, incest, “marriage” with oneself, and even –slightly stretching the figure– those “marriages” with animals, plants, objects and others.

We have made a brief compilation of these types of unions just to raise the awareness of existence. They come on the heels behind homosexual “marriage”, following the destruction of the natural family, as the European Document so clairvoyantly shows in recognizing their incapacity to produce rational arguments that would forbid the judicial recognition of these types of “new families”.

“Wedding” oneself

One women with two men:

One man with three women (two of them twins) 

One man with 5 women (x 24 children) 

Between 32 people

A women with her dog

Two people with a tree

A women with a public building

A women with a piece of Cultural Patrimony of Humanity (Eiffel Tower)

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