An Extraordinarily Beautiful Video Series About The Value Of Family And Marriage

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One of the most misunderstood teachings of our time is what the Catholic Church says about sexuality, marriage, and family life.

The beauty of what our Church truly believes is often overshadowed by what the media distorts it to be. As a result, there is truly a lack of understanding of the value of family in our culture today, even among those who sit in the pews of our Churches.

If you struggle with a teaching of the Church, I strongly encourage you to learn more it by going to actual Church documents.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal encyclicals, and other documents written by priests, bishops, and Saints are the best starting places for your research.

In an effort to help clear up many of the misconceptions and to promote the value of family a 6 part video series titled Humanum has been produced.  The first videos is available free of charge on Vimeo (you can find them below as well). You can rent or buy the entire series for a nominal fee. The series was recorded worldwide and contains interviews with popular Catholic personalities such as Father Robert Barron, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and NT Wright.

I highly recommend using these videos in your apostolate or within your own family. Help our culture reclaim the true meaning and value of family by sharing these powerful videos with others.

The Destiny of Humanity  – Marriage

Many Voices, One Promise

Catholic Relationship Resources

More Catholic Resources On Relationships

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8 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Find “The One”

Novena For Single Catholics Seeking Marriage

11 Rules For When You Are Absolutely Sick of Today’s Dating Scene

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