5 Websites Every Catholic Dad Should Visit

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A few months ago, we put together a list of 5 great Catholic websites for Moms (in addition to Catholic Link, of course!).  This list was such a hit with Moms that people requested a list of Catholic websites for Dads.  With the help and suggestions of a few devoted Catholic fathers, we have created a list of five of their favorite websites to present to you today.

We hope you will find this excellent list of websites for the Catholic Dad useful. We pray that fathers will be even more motivated to start growing in faith formation and pass that knowledge on to their children through this list of resources.

We would love to hear your suggestions for Catholic websites for Dads.  Leave a link in the comments!


5 Catholic Websites for Dads


Dads.org : This site is a ministry of St. Jospeh’s Covenant Keepers. This website provides insightful articles, a radio show and information on Conferences for fathers.

Fathers for Good

http://www.fathersforgood.org/ : Fathers for Good is a ministry of the Knights of Columbus. The website provides inspiration and encouragement for fathers. You can find informative articles, testimonies and even submit questions for advice.

Catholic Dads Online

http://www.catholicdadsonline.org : This site contains many great articles and advice on being a father. The website was started by Rob Kaiser in an effort to provide “a forum for Catholic Dads to share relevant experiences and insights”.

Sports Leader

https://www.sportsleader.org : Though Sports Leader is not targeted specifically for fathers, there are a lot of wonderful ideas that dads can pick up from the resources available on the site. The Sports Leader ministry offers activities and advice on how to incorporate faith into sports. The focus on building virtue in order to increase strength is sure to be something that you will want your children to develop.

The Catholic Gentelman

http://www.catholicgentleman.net : Another site that is not specifically geared towards dads, but offers a lot of great material for any man. With posts such as “The Official Catholic Beer Blessing” and “A Catholic Guide to Self Defense”, site creator Sam Guzman offers men a lot of practical wisdom for the Catholic life.

More Resources For Catholic Dads

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