5 Free Catholic Resources that Will Help You Grow Spiritually

by Catholic Media

If you’re anything like me, you love a good deal! I’m one of those bargain shoppers that has a bad habit of telling people how much I paid for an item just so I can brag about the sale price.

So, when I came across these free Catholic resources, I just had to share them with the Catholic Link readers.

5 Free Catholic Resources

1. The Virtue-Focused Year: 12 Habits to Become a More Virtuous You by Katie Warner

You might remember our friend Catholic Katie from an article we wrote about another free resource of hers, The Catholic Resource Guide. Katie has made her newest ebook available for free on her website CatholicKatie.com.

The ebook “lays out 12 virtues, each accompanied by short reflections and action items to help you make small steps toward making these virtues “stick” in your life over the coming months.” Sounds like an excellent opportunity to grow in virtue to me!

2. Rosaries

The website FamilyRosary.org has sent over 7 million rosaries worldwide since they began a program in 2001 called Rosaries for the World.  You can order rosaries for your family, school, or ministry and the only cost will be the shipping (which is very minimal).  The website offers some great resources for family prayer and praying the rosary, including apps for your smartphone.

3. Catholic CDs and Books

There are two wonderful websites that offer free cds and books in exchange for a small donation or the cost of shipping.

Dynamic Catholic – Most of the resources available are from Matthew Kelley, a well-known Catholic speaker and author who has become known for his appeal to become the “best version of yourself.”

Mary Foundation – The Mary Foundation offers several CD recordings from speakers such as Scott Hahn, Fr. Larry Richards, and Fr. John Riccardo.  However, my favorite free resource is the recording of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. These are wonderful for long car rides.

4. Catholic Bible Study App

The Augustine Institute offers an app to help you study the Bible that is available at no cost. It includes an annotated Gospel of John from the Ignatius Press Study Bible and commentary from Dr. Scott Hahn to listen to.

As an added benefit you can get talks from Lighthouse Catholic Media for a 20% discount that will be sent right to your device.

5. Catholic-Link’s Resources and Webinars

All of our resources at Catholic-Link are free for you to use! Our desire is that you would use our articles in your small group or youth group, distribute them in your parish bulletin, or share them in your classroom.

Our quizzes are specifically designed with educators in mind. We know teens and young adults are constantly on their phones, so why not have them pull up one of our quizzes and take it in class? Or, better yet, assign it for homework to take with their parents at home.

In our library you can find quotes and images on just about everything. These are wonderful for sharing on social media, but can also be printed out to be used on retreats, classroom decorations, or posted for your family to learn from.

Catholic-Link offers Webinars. A webinar is an online seminar that typically lasts forty-five minutes to an hour. Our Webinars are always free to our recurring donors, but anyone can join by giving a donation to Catholic-Link of any amount.

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