5 Catholic Websites Every Mom Must Visit (Updated!)

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“We used to talk on the phone ALL the time.”

This is my favorite quote from the WhatsUpMoms  “Friends Without Kids” video.  I stopped talking on the phone once unlimited texting was made available.  Actual talking on the phone means that others can hear all the noise and chaos going on in the background of my house.  Much like Elle described in the all too realistic video, friendships can get lost in the daily grind of motherhood.

We have to be creative and intentional in order to maintain all our relationships – with God, our husbands, our children and our friends.  Fortunately, there are some amazing resources available to us to help us not just maintain, but grow in all of our relationships.

We have a list of 5 incredible ministries that are worth adding to every mom’s list of favorites.   Each of these ministries has been created by moms with the intent to serve moms.

5 Great Websites For Catholic Moms

1. Peanut Butter & GraceOver the last year, I have come to love the resources available on this site. They offer a lot of practical suggestions (14 Ways to Do Bed Time Prayer With Your Kids) as well as “The Bread” which is a weekly guide to what’s going on in the Church and how to celebrate that with your kids.

It’s a small Catholic publishing company so they do have the occasional promotion for books that they sell, but it’s not a bother because these are the type of products I like to purchase for my children anyway.  This little site is a true gem for those moms looking for ways to incorporate more faith activities and discussions in the home.

2. Catholic Conference 4 Moms: Tami Kiser, the author of the extremely useful and practical book Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide for Busy Moms, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to create an online Catholic Conference for Moms. Her goal is that moms are “refreshed and revitalized in their vocation of motherhood” through this conference beginning February 20th.  Each day you will be emailed the links to 4-6 talks from speakers such as Kimberly Hahn and Simcha Fisher.

You can listen to these talks at your leisure – while washing the dishes or going for a run.  This is an amazing opportunity for those of us who can’t seem to get away for a weekend retreat to grow in our relationship with God.  Having read Tami’s book several times cover to cover, I know that this conference will not fail to offer excellent insight into our vocation as mothers.

3. CatholicMom.comA site that was founded by a Catholic mom, Lisa Hendey, is sure to have everything a Catholic mom needs, right?!  It is truly a site with a plethora of resources available.  Everything from Tech Talk to Sunday Gospel reflections for children to recipes and home organization tips.

They offer both a podcast and a forum where you can interact with other Catholic moms and get your questions answered.   You are sure to find some of your favorite Catholic authors on the list of volunteer contributors.

4. Catholic Icing : If you have children, work with children or know someone who has children, Catholic Icing is essential! I cannot recommend this resource enough. Lacy Rabideau, the creator and administrator behind this masterpiece,  is a busy young mom to four children of her own.  She offers crafts, songs, snacks, and tips for celebrating the Liturgical year.  If you are artistically challenged (as I am!), you will find her instructions and step by step pictures easy to follow.

The supplies for most of her crafts are things you already have around your house.  Lacy makes it easy to quickly look at her site and find a craft to do to celebrate a feast day in just minutes.   God has blessed her with the gift of creatively educating children in the faith and she is gracious enough to share it with all of us!  Taking advantage of all Catholic Icing offers will surely help to build a relationship with your child and lead them to a deeper appreciation for our faith.

5. Holy Heroes: This is another great resource for building relationships with your children.  The site offers an array of products to purchase, but also offers free resources throughout the year.  They are currently featuring a Lenten Adventure program which will send free activities, videos, quizzes and games to your email each day of Lent. They also offer weekly Mass prep videos and reflections to go with the Sunday readings.

I am always amazed at the difference in my children’s behavior when I take the time to go through the readings with them before Mass.  The Glory Stories audio cd series tell the life stories of several Saints.  My children love the stories so much that we have listened to them over and over again.  While your kids are listening and learning about the Saints, you can take a minute to catch up with an old friend for a few minutes. Maybe even talk on the phone instead of texting!

We hope you will make time in your busy day to visit a few of these sites designed to encourage and support you! Remember, in order to feed your children, you must be fed yourself.  It is important to take time each day to celebrate our relationship with God, our husbands, and our friends! They help to refresh and restore.  Sometimes, the dishes can wait!

You may love and serve them with your prayer and mortification, but how do you expect them to listen to you if you never speak to them? You will have many surprises in store the day you decide to talk to them one by one. St. Josemaria Escriva

We want to know what your favorite Catholic Websites for Moms are! Let us know your go-to site in the comments.

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