A group of young Catholics decided to respond to the 22 youth, all employees at BuzzFeed, that participated in this post which shares their reasons in favor using contraceptives. The response wasn’t an official BuzzFeed post, rather the type made by BuzzFeed users; it can be found here.

I think the answers given are solid, convincing and serve as good material to speak about the subject. Looking and comparing the perspectives on the issue might be a good way of starting an interesting dialogue, whether it be to deepen in our Catholic faith or to help others who struggle to understand it.

That said, we must recognize that the Church’s position on this issue is one of the most difficult to comprehend, albeit not for this reason, less true or less urgent. We must be as clear as we are patient.4 more responses offered in the post without an accompanying image:

4 More Reasons Not to Use Contraceptives:

20. “Because womanhood and fertility are a beautiful gift and I want a love that is self-giving and life-giving.” -Tammy

21. “Because I’m proud of my womanhood, and because I know too many young women who have reproductive issues as a result of years on birth control.” -Christine

22. “Because life is a beautiful thing. Always.” -Dani

23. “I want a 100% healthy and unaffected reproductive system for when I AM ready to have kids.” -Jamie

24. “Because the ability to create life is a superpower that I’m proud to have.” -Angelica

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Source: catholic-link.org/2015/03/18/method-nfp/

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