11 Things That Make A Woman Truly Beautiful

by Faith & Life

In many cases, the concept of beauty has been reduced to the exterior, physical appearance; looking good, dressed well, properly groomed, fashionable, perfectly proportioned… Sadly, in this way we have lost sight of its true meaning: the beauty which comes from the soul and springs from the heart.

Is sexy the same as beautiful? What is the real beauty of a woman?

If we fixate solely on exterior beauty, we inevitably realize that this eventually fades. There will come a day when we grow old. The beauty of a woman is not lost with time and wrinkles. It cannot be reduced to physical appearance. It is much more than that.

Where are you most beautiful? You are most beautiful on the inside. Inside is what makes you distinct, special, and different from others. Beauty has been related to goodness since antiquity.

Throughout history, women have inspired various reflections on the good and the beautiful. The Greeks even coined the word “kalokagathia” which means beauty-goodness. Plato said, “The potency of the Good has found refuge in the nature of the Beautiful”.

11 Characteristics That Make A Woman Truly Beautiful

1. Enthusiasm, happiness, and girlish fun that brings out the joy of your inner child.inocencia

Fearlessly and freely express the tenderness and simplicity which springs from the soul. Let out the girlish innocence which you carry inside. You are a free person, capable of rejoicing and marveling like a child. Find joy in simple things and cherish the value of each thing.

2. Your authentic friendships: free, faithful, and almost maternal, which makes you concerned for others.amistad

You are a true friend. You protect your friends, you concern yourself with them, you always seek their well-being. Your femininity and maternal love are expressed in your service of others, the capacity to comprehend, and sacrifice yourself in any situation.

3. Your humility which does not seek to be the center of attention.girl

You do not strive to be the center of attention, and that’s why you are. Your humility exalts your beauty and demonstrates your simplicity. Your actions reflect your soul. You do not need to make a great effort to stand out because your way of life draws the attention of others.

4.  Your way of speaking, but, above all, of listening.escuchar

You know how to put yourself in the place of others, you have empathy, and try to understand them. You know when to give advice and when to be silent. People trust you because you show an interest in them.

5. Your strength and confidence which come from your integrity.Portrait of attractive young woman gazing positively

You know that you live with integrity. You are not afraid to express yourself and what you believe; you know very well what is within you. The decisions you make in life are based on your most profound identity. Although you might make mistakes, you have the assurance of having sought to do what is correct.

6. The feminine mystery of your thoughts and gestures.

schöne junge frau mit blauen augen sitzt entspannt draußen in der stadt

You act with respect and elegance. You know how to transmit peace and calm with your actions and your way of speaking. You are a thoughtful and interesting person. All of this reveals your femininity. Delicate, calm, and reverent.

7. Your openness to meeting and receiving others.encuentro

© photo.foter.com

You treat people with goodness. You know how to recognize the best in everyone. You are a welcoming person. People feel comfortable when they are close to you because they know that in your heart there is space for them.

8. You don’t use disguises or pretenses. You are authentic.autentica

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You believe in yourself and know that you do not need to appear to be someone you aren’t. You act with transparency and honesty. You are sincere and you freely express what you think and feel, always being prudent but never hiding who you are.

9. Your eyes are the windows of your soul.femme mre

© Dollarphotoclub.com

Your eyes are the reflection of your soul. They are the open door of the goodness, the depth, and the love which are in your heart. You guard your eyes from things that tarnish them. You seek to see everything as God sees it.

10. That characteristic which is only yours, which nobody else has because you are unique and unrepeatable.especial

You know your gifts, and you put them at the service of others. You know your interior world and that makes you beautiful. The interior life has a tone of mystery which makes others desire to know you, and venture into their own interior life.

11. Finally, but most important of all… Your strong interior life, the fruit of your relationship with God.- !

You are truly beautiful when you reflect by your countenance, your words, and your actions, the image of God which you carry within. You seek to make God the foundation of everything in your life, to radiate the Spirit which lives and acts within you.

We leave you with this infographic which sums it all up. We hope that you enjoy this material and that it is useful in your apostolate.

11 Things That Make A Woman Truly Beautiful

This post was translated by Jacob Nistler.

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