Should Jesus Have Said Things Differently?

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Do you remember the Gospel in which Jesus says, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”?

Many times it is difficult for us to hear and to understand this. And I imagine that I am not the only one that has thought more than once, “Why did Jesus have to say that?”

Now, as I grow in my spiritual journey, time and time again, I realize that the problem lies in myself and not in Christ’s words. Today’s video by the Blimeycow channel on Youtube offers a fun, slightly sarcastic, and interesting video about this experience.

What Jesus Should Have Said, Instead.

A Deeper Look

There is always a temptation to soften the words and teachings of Christ. This temptation can become even more seductive when we are called to teach these teachings to others. So, what happens? We begin to rationalize, to put our spin on things, we start living and teaching the famous “Jesus according to Me” doctrine.

At the bottom, it comes down to a matter of trust and faith. Christ never promised that following him would be easy, comfortable, or conformable with the present day way of thinking and living. Many times, He did just the opposite. But, if we think about it… are our life goals so mediocre? Are we willing to sacrifice a life of greatness for one comfortable conformity? I am always amazed so see the hardships and trials that an artist, an athlete, or a soldier will go through to reach their goal and perfect their art. And many times they are praised for their rebelliousness, their radicalness, their self-sacrifice. Are we not willing to do the same for a heavenly crown?

Thinking like an apostle

When it comes to any difficult belief, we must be aware when teaching it to others. Any good disciple must learn to hold himself or herself to the highest of principles while simultaneously being ever aware of his or her own fragility and failures in reaching those heights. When speaking with others, especially with those who aren’t used to living a life of faith, we must sympathize and make sure that they know what is being asked of them is very difficult. Without ever forfeiting the truth, we must transmit God’s infinite mercy and patience, just as we have experienced in all our lives. Sharing one without the other will lead either to an overly strict and cold imposition or to an overly soft and indulgent pampering. The balance must first be lived in our lives and then transmitted in our apostolate with others.

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