“What I Hate Most About Being A Priest”

by Consecrated Life, Evangelization

Fr. Ian Van Heusen provides a Gospel commentary and video each week for Catholic-Link. He loves being a priest, but there is one thing that bothers him about his vocation. In this video, Fr. Ian shares that people actually asked him more spiritual questions when he worked at a coffee shop than they do now that he is a priest.

Why is that? Why do people seek spiritual advice from baristas, teachers, and friends before approaching someone who has extensively studied theology and pastoral care for souls?

As you watch the video, think about the sources of knowledge you have used in your own faith journey. How have they shaped your views? Which sources have hindered you? Which have inspired you?

What I Hate Most About Being A Priest

Fr. Ian reminds us in the video that we must become people who are able to answer the questions that our friends, family, and co-workers ask of us. They may not have the courage to go to a priest, but they will come to you. How do you prepare yourself to represent the faith well?

Share with us the most difficult question you’ve been asked by someone. Were you able to answer? Don’t forget, you can always respond, “I’ll ask my priest.”

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