We Can All Relate To This Hilarious Video Of Kids Reacting To Chicken Nuggets

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This is an older video, but it’s been popping up on the internet once again because it’s such a classic. In this clip from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, the famous chef attempts to explain to school children how chicken nuggets are made. His hope is that once the children see all the disgusting parts of the chicken that are used to make nuggets, they will no longer choose to eat the unhealthy food.

Jamie Oliver Shows School Kids How Chicken Nuggets Are Made


The first time I watched this video, I couldn’t stop laughing. The look on Jamie Oliver’s face when the children respond that they will still continue to eat chicken nuggets is priceless. It’s hard to believe that anyone would choose to eat a nugget after seeing exactly how it is made.

When I watched the video again though, I began to think about the many times I have responded to God in the very same way that these children responded to the chef’s lesson. Time and again, through His Word and His teaching, God has shown me the detrimental impact that sin will have on my life. Yet, fully knowing how disgusting and harmful it is, I continue to sin.

I’m no different than the children who failed to think about the consequences that might come from eating unhealthy foods because they were so focused on the pleasure that was in front of them. I do the same thing every day when I fall into sin.

Think Again…

1. When thinking about the patterns of sin in your life, can you relate to the response of the children in the video?

2. How has God shown you the harmful impact that sin can have in your life?

3. Have you experienced the consequences of sin in your life? Share what you have learned from that.

4. How can you prepare yourself to do a better job of remembering the consequences of sin in order to avoid it in the future?


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