Watch Pope Francis Talk With These Astronauts Aboard The International Space Station

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On Thursday, six astronauts aboard the International Space Station had the opportunity to speak with Pope Francis in a video conference call.  This is the second time that a Pope has had the opportunity to connect with astronauts while in space. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was the first to do so in 2011.

These connections are important because they help us to see the important relationship between faith and science. Science enables us to examine the intricacies of God’s design in a very powerful and unique way.

Astronaut Randy Bresnick said this, “People can’t come up here and see the indescribable beauty of our Earth and not be touched in their souls. As our planet goes around at 10 kilometers (about 6 miles) a second, there are no borders, no conflicts. It’s just peaceful. We hope that the example of what we can achieve together at the ISS is the example for the world and the whole of humanity.”

Pope Francis Meets With Astronauts (Clip)

Pope Francis Meets With Astronauts (Entire Video)

Questions For Discussion

Pope Francis asked the astronauts these questions. Think about how you would respond.

  1. “What is your thought on man’s place in the universe?”
  2. “Astronomy makes us contemplate the horizons of the universe and raises questions in us: Where did we come from? Where are we going?”


St. Joseph Cupertino, patron Saint of astronauts, protect these men in their journey and continue to lead them to see the beauty of God’s creation!

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