The Harvest: A Guide To Vocation Ministry On Education With Rhonda Gruenewald

Join Drew and Katie Taylor as they interview Rhonda Gruenewald about how to increase vocations. Rhonda was a convert and for 12 years had never heard of the word “Vocation,” but her pastor put her in charge of resurrecting the parish Vocations Committee. So she started to raise awareness and eventually wrote her first book, “Hundredfold, a Guide to Parish Vocation” which you can get here ➡️

The Harvest: A Guide To Vocation Ministry in Education with Rhonda Gruenewald

What We Learned About Children And Vocations

Age where Ordained Priests first considered the Priesthood Preschool (5 or younger): 6% Elementary (6 through 13): 34% High School (14 through 17): 24% College (18 through 21): 20% Adulthood (22 or older): 16%

We need to work on the universal call to holiness! Let your children know that God has a plan for them. We can define success as what is bringing you to holiness and what is helping you become a saint! You’ve got to help your kid find small ways to say yes to God. Have interaction with people who are joyfully living their vocations! Pray for Vocations! We have to bring back the saints and put them in front of our kids.

More Resources To Promote Vocations In Your Home

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