Podcasting Advice From A Priest With 5 Years Of Experience

What does a Catholic priest know about podcasting? Fr. Conrad knows quite a bit! He’s been at it for five years and he has plenty of advice to share with those who are just launching their podcasting careers. In today’s video, Fr. Conrad shares all of his podcasting knowledge in just five minutes. Take a listen!

Podcasting Advice For Catholics

Listen to Fr. Conrad’s podcast HERE!

A Summary Of Podcasting Tips For Catholic Beginners

When starting a podcast, it is important to have a clear format and specific topics.

Starting a podcast can be difficult at first, as there is a learning curve with equipment and recording.

There are many different types of podcasts, including catechetical, historical, and nerdy podcasts.

It can be challenging to condense information into short segments, such as 60-second podcasts.

As podcasts evolve, the format and topics may change to reflect the growth and interests of the hosts.

Starting a podcast can be a great way to deepen your relationship with God and grow in knowledge of Him.

Having a concrete project like a podcast can be helpful for intellectual growth and more enjoyable.

Doing drafts can make podcasting more fun, and algorithms can help find hidden value in topics.

Even if no one listens to your podcast, it can still be a beautiful avenue for intellectual growth and love of the Lord through the intellectual life.

Producing something, like a podcast, can be a way to co-create with God and exercise your creativity.

Balancing out topics that some people find boring with topics that others enjoy can help make your podcast more interesting to a wider audience.

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