What’s The KEY To Passing On The Faith? Jackie And Bobby Angel Answer

What is the key to passing on the Catholic faith to our children? Our hosts, Drew and Katie Taylor, sit down with Jackie and Bobby Angel to discuss the challenges of passing on the Catholic faith to children. With over 20 years of experience in ministry, Bobby and Jackie bring a wealth of knowledge to this discussion and offer encouragement to parents on this heroic path of raising little saints. As parents themselves, Jackie and Bobby share valuable insights and advice on how to prepare children for the sacraments and pass down the faith through generations. They emphasize the importance of being authoritative yet warm, modeling the faith through actions, and fostering a relationship with Jesus.

The Key To Passing On The Catholic Faith To Your Children

We’re all imperfect. We all have moments of doubt, of struggle, of tiredness, or bewilderment in trying to wrap our heads around the Eucharist (which is understandable…it’s a mystery!)  We’re also in good company, with all the flawed apostles and saints. We ourselves often pray that prayer of imperfect faith from the man who approached Jesus to implore the healing of his son—”I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24). 

What’s most important is that we keep trying anew each day to revere our Lord in the Eucharist together as a family, and God will bless the good work we’ve begun. 

Renewed and Received : Sacrament Prep For Children

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