How To Improve Communication In Marriage

This week we discuss improving communication with your spouse. As a Catholic couple Drew and Katie Taylor share Catholic marriage advice and marriage tips that are practical and implementable. This week it’s all about how to fix communication in a relationship, highlighting 3 communication techniques. Using Katie’s Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, and Drew’s Masters in Moral Theology, along with almost 10 years of marriage and the experiences of journeying with couples, in this episode they answer how to improve communication in a relationship. These effective communication skills will help you learn to improve communication with your spouse and transform your marriage.

How To Improve Communication In Marriage

Communication in relationships is critical, and a lot of talking may be happening but we want effective communication, and to learn how to improve communication skills. As a Catholic mom and Catholic Dad with lots of littles and high-stress jobs, they understand how hard and how critical good communication is in a relationship. They truly believe that improving communication with your spouse will transform your marriage and help you create a faithful family culture with an on-fire marriage that reaches new heights!

QUESTION of the DAY – What has been some of the best advice you have received on communication? Share it in the comments so others can learn more!

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