Have You Watched Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech?

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In 1985 at the UN headquarters in New York, Mother Teresa was introduced by the UN secretary of the time, Javier Perez of Cuellar, as “the most powerful woman in the world”. How can this be said of a woman who dedicated her life to the least powerful (at least in the eyes of the world)?

Let’s be clear: saints change the world. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say: only saints really change the world.

A life that allows itself to be completely touched by the transforming love of Christ is one that challenges people, questions them, inspires them and is perhaps the only kind that can unite a room full of Christians, Muslims, agnostics, Buddhists, atheists, etc, in a prayer for peace. Christ has given all of us this power. The world is depending on us to use it.

Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

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