In a World So Connected, Why Do I Feel So Alone? A video on social media and loneliness

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Today’s video is one of the most impressive and comprehensive videos that I have been able to find on today’s greatest ailment: loneliness. It is the elephant in the room that no one speaks of… because they are all texting. We plug ourselves more and more into the electronic networks, but fail to realize that we are burning energy quickly and receiving virtual responses that will never fill us, and, in fact, will leave us emptier than before. The sense and reality of overwhelming loneliness begins to create serious deficiencies in our lives and our way of being.

What does this mean for someone trying to live the life of an Apostle?

It means that we must first discover our own vices regarding this subject. How capable and willing am I to step out of the comfortable and controllable world of social media and step into the turbulent and unstable reality of life? If we are unwilling to expose ourselves, we will never be able to truly help others and lead them to Christ.

It is also means that we need to focus on our apostolic strategy. The Faith is much more than a list of rules or beliefs. It is above all an encounter with a person, Christ, and his followers, Christians. The personal aspect of our apostolate is evermore important. People need someone from whom they can learn to communicate. What used to be taught in the family is now oftentimes sacrificed for the sake of entertainment. Many youth are unable to realize what is going on inside them or how to understand their desire for authentic relationships, much less speak about them clearly. Helping them to discover the beauty and fulfillment that is found in true personal relationships is a fundamental step towards leading them towards the most fundamental relationship, that with Jesus Christ.

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