A reflection on Justin Bieber’s Testimony: What makes someone an artist? Many think that to be a truly famous and influential artist you can’t share any personal beliefs that go against the “politically correct” grain. Even the deepest convictions need to pass through the “fashion” or the “mainstream” filter. 

But that brings up another question. When an artist renounces the expression of his or her convictions, beliefs and values, is he or she still an artist? Is renouncing one’s identity and becoming one more spokesperson for so and so ideology or brand name the only artistic path?

It seems, at least from what we see here, Justin Bieber’s testimony shows a different profile. I am not looking to put him as an example, far from it, but it’s a fact that he hasn’t been afraid to talk openly about his faith and Christian values.

Does this mean that human authenticity is the key to stardom? I don’t know. I simply think that Justin Bieber’s testimony is a good wake up call to all those that consider their faith to be an insurmountable obstacle to their career.

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