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Hopsin rage wrestling with God

A Catholic’s Response To Rapper Hopsin’s Viral Rejection Of Christianity

One of the most “thumbed-up” comments for this video reads: “18k priests disliked this video.” Given the cursing, vulgarity, and…

believe movie review

“Believe” – A Movie About Finding Hope When All Seems Lost

This past weekend my family had the opportunity to watch the movie Believe and it was just what we needed to…

13 Christmas Movies That You Can't Miss Out On! Catholic Review
Advent and Christmas

13 Christmas Movies That You Can’t Miss Out On!

The Christmas season gives us all a little extra time to relax and enjoy a good movie.  Everyone should try…

Why Do We Struggle To See God? How Can We Open Our Eyes?

Seeds in a pomegranate cannot see objects outside its rind, because they are inside. Similarly human beings who are enclosed…

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