Do Your Kids Want to be Saints When They Grow Up?

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This video was made by Adcom to promote the Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. As children, we dream impossible dreams.

We do not calculate pros and cons; we just launch ourselves into action.

As we grow older we learn that we need to be more careful, more realistic, but often we go even further and end up never trying anything because we believe it is impossible for us.

A Deeper Look:

Children do crazy things all the time and my family is no exception. I remember one of my brothers nearly losing a finger in a bicycle wheel, and the other came close to chopping his toes off with a heavy mirror. I once almost took my eye out with an elastic band. These near-misses are all part of learning about our limits – there are some things we shouldn’t do and others we need to practice a bit more. As we grow up we learn to tell the difference and factor in these limits when making decisions: getting back on the bike you just fell off is worth the risk, trying to climb the tree you fell out of last week and broke your arm probably isn’t. However, sometimes we go a bit far in judging our limits, and include in the list of limits things that don’t really belong there. In this way our fears (real and imaginary) become part of our decision-making.

The video shows many of the fears which might prevent a person from finding success and happiness, and how choosing not to do something also affects the lives of other people, known and unknown. It particularly highlights self-doubt and the views of others, and to these we could add the fear of making mistakes and fear of hard work. It explains that belief is an important starting point for making choices: to do, or not to do. When we add these factors into our decisions, our fears can end up making the cons far outweigh the pros, but we should also remember what we are aiming for, and whether that goal tips the balance in favor of action.

Apostolic Elements: 

Holiness is possible! There are hundreds of canonized saints whose lives bear witness to this, and many more who have quietly lived holy lives and are now in heaven. That is surely a goal worth risking everything for!

Our fears may be hard to overcome. Fear of hard work is a big stumbling block; Jesus himself tells us that “the gate is narrow and the way is hard” (Mt 7:14). But if we keep the end goal in sight then the hard work is going to pay off, we are walking towards the horizon and that horizon is holiness. The good news is that we aren’t alone in this, there are so many people to help us on the way: Jesus himself, the Holy Spirit, Mary as our guide, the examples and prayers of the saints in heaven and the whole Church. We also have grace and the sacraments, we just need to co-operate, and in the end it is God who will make us holy. We might make mistakes (in fact, we will make a lot) but the biggest mistake where holiness is concerned is not trying (over and over and over again).

– There really is no knowing whether other people will think, say or do what you imagine they are going to, or not. The good news is that your holiness can be a great inspiration and example to them. Just think how many saints were friends: for starters, all of the apostles, also St Ignatius Loyola and St Francis Xavier, St Francis de Sales and St Jane de Chantal, St Francis of Assisi and St Clare…and those are just the ones named Francis!

“Only saints will change the world!”

The path to holiness starts from faith, a faith which is understood in the mind, loved in the heart, and impels us to action. What steps are you going to take towards holiness? Have you talked about holiness with someone recently? Please share with us so that we can all learn more about how to live holy lives.

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