St. Anthony – More Than A Patron Saint Of Lost Car Keys

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Who is Saint Anthony? Many of us know he is the patron Saint of lost things but often that’s all we know. He is a doctor of the Church, Saint of miracles, and much more!

Saint Anthony, is one of the Doctors of the Church, and there are many prayers to St Anthony.

Why do Catholics pray to Saints?

Why do Catholics ask St, Anthony for help?

Why is St. Anthony the patron Saint of lost things and the patron Saint of lost people?

When is St. Anthony of Padua’s feast day?

Katie and Drew will answer these questions and Drew and Katie Taylor as they discuss who St. Anthony of Padua was and share their testimonies of turning to him for lost things before knowing who he really was.

St. Anthony – More Than A Patron Saint Of Lost Car Keys

Saint Anthony’s Feast Day is June 13th so let’s celebrate together! Saint Anthony, pray for us! We Ask for your intercession for all those who are lost and looking for truth and their way!

Draw us forth from the mire, Lord Jesus, with the hook of your Cross; so that we may run, not to your sweetness, but to the bitterness of your Passion.- St. Anthony
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