Restoring Sexual Order: Catholic Men’s Movements

by Apostolate, Sexuality and Chastity

Our regular readers have probably noticed… a few of us here at Catholic-Link take a particular interest in the restoration of sexual order and sanity in society. Catholic men’s movements are one important thread of a complex tapestry of healing and restoration taking place thanks to inspired and growing momentum against the secular tides of sexual chaos.

For any number of reasons in contemporary life, sexual differences between men and women have been scrambled, confused, flattened and openly called into question through various socio-cultural (and in some cases diabolical) movements. But there’s more than a small case to be made that the Catholic Church is the one institution that’s gotten sex and sexuality right from the beginning, and it will be the Catholic Church that leads the way in presenting the truth, healing wounds, and restoring order both in individual lives and families, and on a broader socio-historical scale.

For our readers in the United Kingdom, we present today an Outstanding Initiative aimed specifically at men and at healing and nurturing masculinity.

Being a Man in the Catholic Church Today

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, the organization Catholic Man UK will host a first-of-its-kind day conference in Cambridgeshire, UK, entitled Being a Man in the Catholic Church Today.

This is an event,” they say, “for men in the Catholic Church – married or single, lay or religious – who want to develop and live out a muscular faith in the company of other men. The price of a ticket is £25 – this includes Eventbrite fees.

A few Program Highlights (tentative) from their website:

Being a Man in the Catholic Church Today. Speaker: Jamie Bogle

Tools for Being a Man of Faith

Fatherhood in the Church

The Importance of Brotherhood

Workshops: tbc; Confession & Eucharistic Adoration


(pub for drinks/dinner, TBA)

For more information and to sign up, visit them on facebook (here) and on the web (here). And please share among all your friends and contacts!

What is Catholic Man UK? “Uniting and encouraging Catholic men in the UK in their faith and in their duties to family life, parish life and public life. Under the patronage of the Holy Family (St Joseph the Worker, The Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Sacred Heart of Jesus).”

As Catholic men, we are called to unity under the leadership of Christ and in the common cause of the Faith. We should treat every man we meet as a brother, one who has the same calling to true manhood as ourselves, and behind whose face is the face of Christ. Therefore, we should actively seek out brothers in the Faith, men with whom we can join together not just in superficial manly pursuits, but in sincere conversation and in the common cause of a great and noble nature. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. And, writes author and psychologist, G. C. Dilsaver, in such company you will discover inspiring examples of men of virtue and the dynamic of positive Catholic peer pressure… as [you] strive to develop the strengths of Catholic manhood.

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