10 Catholic Quotes You Can Use When You Want To Take A Nap

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A common answer to the question, “How are you?”, is often “Busy.”  Yet, many times we don’t have to be quite as busy as we schedule ourselves to be.  Though there is great importance and dignity in the work we do, we often forget that there is also value in rest.

Our on-the-go culture makes it difficult to see the necessity of taking the time to rest.  We might even be considered lazy or unmotivated when we do reserve time for relaxation.  However, not pausing amidst our chaotic life to take a break can lead to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

God knew we would need time to replenish ourselves. He set the example by resting Himself on the seventh day of creation.  Follow His lead.  At the very minimum, set aside time on Sundays to kick back and relax.

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*Disclaimer: This post does not give you permission to be slothful or neglect the work you need to do as a part of your vocation! In this life, it is always necessary to find a balance. 😉

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