They Were Pro-Choice…Then They Saw This Video

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Have you ever accepted something as truth and after coming to a better understanding of the issue, changed your mind? It happens with little things in day to day life all the time, but occasionally it happens with the bigger issues too.

I remember a time when I would tell people, “I’m pro-life, but in cases of rape or if the mother’s life is in danger, I think an abortion would be okay.”   It makes me shudder to even write those words now. It pains me to recall a time when I just didn’t care to know any more about abortion than what the media fed me. Though I was a Christian, I wasn’t ready to concern myself with investing into the Pro-Life movement. I felt that was reserved for a few extremists. I was happy and comfortable going to Mass and I was a good person. Thankfully, my eyes were eventually opened  to the call that God has for each one of us to become advocates for the poor, oppressed, and orphaned and to be concerned with more than just our own little world. In Galatians 6:2 we are instructed to “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

In this video created by Life Action we are able to witness as people’s opinions on abortion change in just a few moments as their eyes are opened to the horror of what happens during the procedure.  This video serves as a good reminder that many people do not really understand what exactly occurs during an abortion.  Take a moment to watch the video and then take the time to share it with others.

Watch Their Minds Change On Abortion

Don’t just watch this video and let it be another video you find interesting, but forget about later. I challenge you to let the message really sink in and then to do something about it.

Are you Pr0-life? How do you show you are Pro-life? It’s more than just a stance, it is a lifestyle. If you need a few suggestions on where to begin, check out this post on 9 Ways to Be Pro-Life.

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