Pray A 15 Minute Rosary Set To Space, AC Window, Jazz, FIREWORKS & More

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Did you know that we are asked to pray the rosary every day during October? I’m so excited to share this resource with you during the month of the Holy Rosary. This is an incredible YouTube Channel and it is a great help for anyone who desires to pray the rosary more.

I’ll admit, I first discovered this gem when I was searching for a quick, easy rosary to pray while on the go. A 15-minute rosary is perfect for the drive to drop off a child at practice, the wait in the morning car line, or while making dinner. As long as you have your phone with you, you can pray the rosary anywhere. It’s a great tool for beginners because you can follow the lead of the narrator as you learn the prayers on your own.

For those who don’t need speed prayers, there are 19 and 20-minute rosaries also available. Take a look at this incredible list!

15 Minute Rain Rosary

15 Minute Soft Drone Rosary

15 Minute Celtic Rosary

15 Minute Upbeat Rosary

15 Minute The Space Rosary

15 Minute Jungle Rosary

15 Minute Calm Guitar Rosary

15 Minute Ocean Rosary

15 Minute Spoken Rosary

15 Minute Jazz Trio Rosary

15 Minute AC Window Rosary

The Campfire Rosary

And, we have to end with a bang…The Fireworks Rosary.

*Note – This is the perfect one to pray with children. My kids were captivated by it!

This amazing collection has been put together by Chris Herrera, producer of A Rosary Companion.

Here is how he describes his ministry:

I make these unique rosary recordings with a few goals in mind: That every listener will pray the rosary more. That they will have many options available to best fit their mood. That they may always have a companion in prayer.

Experience the benefits of a recited rosary with soothing ambient sounds from every corner of the world, all to promote a richer prayer life. Check out the playlists where you’ll find rosaries categorized by each day, run time and type.

The rosaries listed here are only a few from the massive collection that Communion of Saints has to offer. Visit The Communion of Saints YouTube Channel Today and start praying!

Learn More About The Rosary!

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