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Praise This will be released on the Peacock streaming platform on April 7th.  When I’ve logged in to watch some of my favorite shows, I’ve seen it featured and highlighted on the platform in anticipation.  Honestly, it isn’t a movie I would have chosen to watch simply because it doesn’t fall within my preferred genre. I am grateful that writing a review allowed me to expand my horizons because, for the most part, I enjoyed it and gained a new appreciation for the power of music.  For fans of Pitch Perfect, consider Praise This a Christian equivalent.  

Praise This Trailer

Praise This is the story of Sam, a troubled young woman who lost her mother, has a strained relationship with her father, has a troubled past with decisions she’s made, who is sent to live with her uncle’s family for a time to get her back on the straight and narrow path. Her awkward cousin Jess wishes to be considered her sister and desires to form a relationship with Sam. To the surprise of Sam, her uncle’s family are believers, and she is yanked out of bed to go to church against her own wishes. It is at church that she is introduced to the praise team, which she sees as an opportunity to launch her professional singing career. The movie’s storyline falls within various competitions leading up to the national competition.  

For Sam, singing praise music

is only a gig.  She admits to not believing in God and prides herself on turning any style of song into a praise song.  The underlining question about Sam is twofold: Can you sing praise without meaning it?  Will the music she sings change her life? 

What Catholics Should Look For In Praise This

I’d encourage you to pay attention to the lyrics of the songs because they have powerful lines.  One song asks God to “break every chain.”  This heartfelt plea from us asks God to break the chains of sin, vice, and addiction in our lives.  Another song implores God to “heal these scars.”  The wounds of our life need God’s healing and sometimes song can be that healing balm.  Another song proclaims, “Everything will be alright,” a statement of trust in God never abandoning us.  Praise This is a powerful reminder to churchgoers to pay attention to the songs they sing at church and to mean what you pray when you sing.  

Praise This has an element of being a redemption story for Sam.  Though she had no relationship with God before arriving at her uncle’s house, the reality was that God was waiting for her the entire time.  It’s a story of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the power of music.  

Can a Catholic Watch Praise This?

The movie is set in a non-denominational church.  Some Catholics may be offput by this.  The style of praise music is not our traditional hymnody either, so one will need to have an open mind.  Overall, the movie’s message is Christian and can resonate with a Catholic believer.  

Is this movie suitable for children?

I would say this film is okay for viewing by teenagers.  Note that one of the characters is a former drug dealer, so that will be a part of the storyline.  I would not recommend it for younger ones.  

Fr. Looney’s Rating

7/10- There are a few instances of foul language, and I found some crass humor in audience scenes of the praise competition. 

Watch Praise This HERE!

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