People With Down Syndrome Are Applying To Be On The Endangered List

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The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has created this powerful video to raise awareness and they need your help in making it go viral. “By the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s own criteria, the Down syndrome community qualifies as endangered in many parts of the world. So we’re going to be the first humans ever to apply to be on the Endangered List. By sharing on social media, you’re signing our petition to the IUCN to ensure that we get the support we need.

Endangered Syndrome

This Is A Pro-Life Issue

“Because of the increasing prevalence of genetic screening, babies with Down syndrome are being aborted in greater and greater numbers. For those who survive, there is often a lack of the educational resources they need to thrive. Additionally, adults with Down syndrome often face employment discrimination, with 65% of adults with Down syndrome unemployed, making it difficult for them to be independent and find housing.” – Jerome Lejeune Foundation


Anything But Sorry: Brooklyn’s Story

“A child is a child no matter what they have. They’re all beautiful.” – The Blacklock family

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