Millennial Catholics Are Revolutionizing Film With The “8BEATS” Project

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Seventy of the top Catholic filmmakers throughout the US and Canada are coming together to create an 8-part anthology film exploring the Beatitudes and connecting one of the most beautiful teachings of Christ to the experience of human life.

“The Church was once the great influencer of culture through talented artists, painters, sculptors, philosophers, and theologians. Indeed, the Catholic Church is no stranger to the power of beauty and should not be today.” The 8beats team believes the Holy Spirit is leading the Church into a new renaissance and aims to use film to bring the timeless truths of Scripture to a wide audience.

Catholic-Link has featured many of the films previously done from the Catholic creatives involved in this initiative. You will recognize Spirit Juice Studios, 4pm Media, and Likeable Art among those who are collaborating on this important project.

Creating faith-based films with the same quality and appeal as secular films is no easy task. Many of the Christian movies that have been released can be categorized as “cheesy” and “low-budget”.

8Beats is out to prove otherwise. These filmmakers want to create something that will appeal not just to Catholics, but to the secular world as well.

“Beauty is an easy way to impact people’s hearts for the Gospel,” said Anthony D’Ambrosio, Founder of Catholic Creatives and Executive Producer of 8beats. D’Ambrosio, like many millennial Catholics, became frustrated about the lack of excellent Christian art: either it was beautifully made but lacked the depth of Christian truth, or it revealed Christian truth in a lackluster and moralistic way. Unlike many millennial Catholics, though, he decided to do something about it. With a handful of other creatives he set out on a mission to create something good, true, and beautiful.

They need your help with making this a reality. Find out how you can support this outstanding initiative by visiting the 8Beats campaign page.

Take Time For Reflection

  • What Catholic/Christian film has shaped your faith?
  • Do you agree that many Christian films can’t quite compete with the secular film industry? Why do you think this is? What can we do to change that?
  • How important is media as an evangelization tool?
  • Why is it crucial that the media/art we use for evangelization beautifully conveys the truths of the Catholic faith? What message does it send when the quality of our product is poor?

“For everyone, believers or not, the works of art inspired by Scripture remain a reflection of the unfathomable mystery which engulfs and inhabits the world.” -St. John Paul II

You’re invited to make this project a reality. Support the film on Indiegogo ( and follow us on Facebook ( for updates and behind-the-scenes exclusives.


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