4 Tips For Planting A Mary Garden

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As a little girl in nursery school, I have the vivid memory of my teacher asking our class to bring flowers to the Virgin Mary each Friday. The chapel had a beautiful royal blue carpet that made it easier for us to kneel in prayer in front of the image of the Immaculate Conception, and the scent of flowers filled the room – it was a kind of indoor garden for Mary.

My love for Mary and gardens grew from the recollection of details I hold dear to my heart from my days in nursery school.

Now, Mary Gardens are found in front lawns, parish grounds, Catholic school campuses, hospitals, indoors or outdoors.

So, what is a Mary Garden?

Mary Gardens are outdoor spaces dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. These spaces connect us to Jesus through Mary’s intercession and God the Father through his creation. Mary Gardens inspire prayer, peace, love, and creativity. 

4 Tips To Planting A Mary Garden

Here are a few tips on how you can create your own Mary Garden.

  1. Do some research

Search online for possible designs, flowers, plants, and upkeep of your garden. Research names of flowers (some of which have names associated with the Blessed Mother). Here is an awesome resource that includes 100 ideas!

  1. Scout for the perfect place 

When looking for a space to create your Mary Garden, seek a place that is quiet and comfortable for you. This place can be indoors or outdoors; big or small; with shade or sunny. This space should inspire you to pray and help you grow in devotion to Our Lady.

  1. Gather your materials

      A statue of the Virgin Mary, flowers, plants, soil, gardening tools, and furniture are some of the things you may need in order to start your Mary Garden. 

  1. Get creative

       Remember: this is your garden, and it should inspire you to get creative. Most gardens have a statue of the Virgin Mary at the center, but a statue is not necessary. One idea is to use prayer stones in the shape of the Rosary on the ground to create a walking prayer Mary Garden. Have children participating in the creation of the Mary Garden paint any box gardens or pots of flowers or plants with Marian themes or in colors associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

This fun activity is perfect for the whole family or an individual person and can help everyone grow in our relationship with Our Heavenly Mother. 


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