Mark Wahlberg’s Sends Incredibly Inspiring Video to Support Priestly Vocations

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While almost anyone knows who Mark Wahlberg is and has seen at least one of his movies, few know about his Catholic faith. While my goal here isn’t to present Mr. Wahlber as model (seeing how I don’t know him), I think he shares an inspiring message about the priesthood.

Yesterday, through the FB page of the Diocese of Providence Vocations Office, Mark released a video supporting the upcoming National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors. The conference will be held on September 30th till October 7th where the main subject will be: “Mercy: The heart of the priesthood.”

Speaking as one on the path towards the priesthood, stories like this are encouraging (make sure you thank the priests in your life!) Sometimes we hear so much about the difficulties and scandals of our priests that we lose sight of all the good that they do. In this video, more than actor, I see a regular guy from Boston, trying to be a good husband and Catholic (although I must admit I think his role in the movie “Ted” was unacceptable). Surely he has had his ups and downs (his conversion story is fascinating!), but he continues to strive to live out his Catholic faith, day in and day out. He has been able to do this, thanks to good priests that have been serving behind the scenes.

Often we hear stars talking about their greatest successes. Today, Mark reminds us what life’s most important moments truly are: the day we get baptized, the day we get married, the day we receive Christ in the Eucharist, the day we receive His mercy in the confessional, and, finally, the day we die. These are the days that define who we are as Catholics. And it is on these days that the priest stands with us.

Let’s pray that young men will continue to have the courage and strength to respond to God’s beautiful call to the priesthood.

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