God Can Use Anyone…Even You!

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Igniter Media shared a video titled the “March of the Unqualified.” It tries to respond to the thought: “God can’t use me or at least shouldn’t use me.”

This is an idea that we’ve probably all had at some point. However, studying the Bible shows us that many flawed people were used by God in powerful ways.

They were just as unqualified as you. So now what’s your excuse?

The March Of The Unqualified

Sometimes in our efforts to live a Christian life, we can get our priorities confused. This happens in many ways but it can nevertheless be summarized in saying: me first, God second. Even our efforts to live a holy life tend to be tainted by such confusion. It shows up when we start beating ourselves up saying: “I am not the typical “Church type”; “I’m no good”; “I’ll never really be able to live a Christian life, it’s just too tough for me…”; “I try so hard but look, I had a really tough childhood and I think I just need to be realistic with myself, the “holy routine” isn’t for me…” What’s wrong with this picture? It’s the fact that we are trying to base our Christian life on our own capacities, our own desires, and our own perspectives. And, to be honest, if we base it on such considerations, you’re completely right: holiness is simply out of reach.

God’s Call

Now, let us try to restore the correct order of things: God first, me second. What is the foundation of my Christian life? God’s call. What comes next? My response; however, this response is not an autonomous one. It is deeply united with God’s call! Where do I find my strength? Above all in him! For this reason, as we examine the battlefield of our lives, we are sure to discover numberless obstacles. But are we so foolish as to presume that God doesn’t see them too? And yet His call persists.

It is something like the experience of jumping into the pool for the first time as a child. Mom or dad is there waiting, calling you to jump, ready to catch, ready to support, ready to teach… Still, how hard it is to trust! I don’t know how to swim! I’m too young! And, then, you jump! You splash around for a good while, screaming, waiting for the gulps of water to come flowing into the lungs. All that until you realize that there’s a hand supporting you, a sound of joyful laughter in the air, and a voice that congratulates you for your trust and courage.

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