When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but smile. It is an extremely creative and fun “remix” of a few words of our beloved Saint John Paul II. They are words full of vitality and truth that point us to Jesus Christ. Still, it is the joy, the conviction, and the love with which they are proclaimed that allow these words to take root and resound in our hearts in such an impressive way. We all must learn to believe, to live, and to proclaim what this great man taught us:  Only a life of love, a life for Christ, is worth living!

The original speech was delivered in 1979 in Washington, DC to the students of the Catholic University of America.

This is Episode 1 of the new series “Autotune the Clergy,” uploaded to Youtube by Clark Jaman, producer, engineer and operator of JungleHeart Productions. Feel free to check out his Youtube channel.

The Lyrics:
Authentic love and true freedom are in Jesus Christ Christ Christ
To be full of hope and joy, give of yourself to others

We love you, we love you, we love you
Perhaps I love you more

To all of you I offer peace and joy of Jesus Christ, of Jesus Christ
You are redeemed by him and taken up in his love, in His love
If the Son frees you, you’ll be free indeed
He’s the way the truth and the life indeed X2

It’s only God God God God
God made man in Jesus Christ
Know what you think about yourselves
Search for the meaning of your life

That He alone can fill your hearts He alone
You are truly free
You are truly free
You are made truly free
In Him
Truly free in Him
free in Him
free in Him
Him Him Him…

Materialistic concerns and one sided values
Are never sufficient to fill the heart


Keep Searching, Keep Learning

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