Is Abortion the Only Answer to Rape? 3 Amazing Women Give Their Testimonies

by Abortion

When one’s life is changed forever by another person’s decision to commit evil, how to react? These women decided to respond with courage, generosity, and love.

The video brings up several important points that challenge many of the preconceptions people carry with them about the situation of those pregnant by rape and the acceptance of abortion in such cases. I can’t imagine the feelings and suffering experienced by them and so many others. Still, for them, it is clear that no matter how much the pain, committing an objective and moral wrong, that of killing another human being, will do nothing to heal or fix the situation.

Their example is a radical witness to the Christian way: when faced with evil, fight back with courage, love, and generosity.  These women are living heroes and reminders that God can bring good out of evil. The fruit of such a horrible encounter, ends up being the very key for healing and happiness.

The video strikes a chord with all that is good in the human heart. I was particularly touched by the phrase: “My daughter is just the absolutely greatest gift for me. I think that the biggest problem I have had in recovering from my rape is that for so long I wanted to go back and be the person I was before the rape. And, what my daughter taught me is that there is value to who I have become after my rape, and the value is in being a mother to her and learning to love in an absolute unconditional way, to start seeing the innocence and the beauty in life again. She has taught me all that… I have absolutely no doubt that my daughter was a gift from God to help me to overcome and survive this experience. She will forever know that she changed her mother’s life for the better.” 

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