What Is The Definition Of Evangelization?

What Is The Definition Of Evangelization?

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how Catholics respond to scandal abuse

When People Keep Talking About The Hard Times

Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying; but let us live well, and times shall be good. We are the times; Such as we are, such are the times. – St. Augustine Related content: We Ourselves Are The Times | St. Augustine Why Do People Travel? St. Augustine Responds Mother Teresa’s Prayer […]

Catholic Reactions and Emojis for Social Media

Catholic Reactions And Emojis For Social Media

Catholic Reactions And Emojis For Social Media More Catholic Articles And Inspiration! Related content: From The Fullness Of Your Heart, Your Social Media Speaks When I Say I’m A Catholic…Is This True For You?! Specifications Of Every Catholic Infographic: 5 Catholic Blogs You Should Be Following I’m A Catholic And Proud Of It 5 Tips […]

Catholic-Link YouTube Channel Subscribers Needed

Catholic-Link YouTube Channel Subscribers Needed!

Help us out by subscribing to our ALL NEW YouTube Channel! We need 1,000 subscribers to have the ability to go live. Subscribe Here –> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTi_iUb95dZJFowWcCDYpXQ Ask A Priest With Fr. George Elliott | 3 Reasons We Should Never Lie The Role Of The Laity Catholic-Link Expands To Video! Related content: Discernment: God Will Tell […]

Why do catholics confess sins to a priest

Why Do Catholics Confess Sins To A Priest?

Why do Catholics confess sins to a priest? What is the difference between a mortal and venial sin? Why do we need a priest for Confession when Jesus knows we are sorry? Is Confession in the Bible? We have these answers and more in this video. Why Do Catholics Confess Sins To A Priest? “Confession […]


To Fall In Love With God Is The Greatest Romance | St. Augustine

This post is not an article, but a part of our gallery of images. You can share this image in your social media or you can click the “Download” button and send it to your friends. We only ask you to share it in its original version, without editing it. Happy evangelization! ? Related content: […]


Do You Pray For Your Enemies Daily?

We pray for our enemies; we seek to persuade those who hate us without cause to live conformably to the goodly precepts of Christ, that they may become partakers with us of the joyful hope of blessings from God, the Lord of all. Related content: Love Your Enemies…Bring Others To Heaven What To Do If […]

Help Us Reach 100 New Donors In August!

  $25 covers the cost of 1 article per month on Catholic-Link.org. Will you help us keep our ministry free?! Let’s Reach 100 New Donors In August!     Related content: “I wish my voice could reach all sinners…” You Must Walk Through The Desert To Reach The Promised Land Do You Know These Mottos […]

The role of the laity is to mediate Christ, to evangelize! Priests offer sacraments and formation, the laity must go out to the world!

The Role Of The Laity

Evangelization, to mediate Christ to others, is not just something you can do, but it is something you must do! Fr. Conrad Murphy talks about this responsibility of the laity in an interview with Drew and Katie Taylor on our YouTube channel. You can check it out here! How To Grow In Holiness Interested in […]

Catholic Communion Resources

Should Pro-Choice Catholics Be Denied Communion

Should Pro-Choice Catholics Be Denied Communion People who are pro-choice must form their own conscience regarding reception of Holy Eucharist. Public pro-choice politicians should not receive communion. Pro-choice and receiving Communion, public sin versus private sin, a minister’s responsibility in offering Holy Communion. Supporting abortion and receiving communion, being denied communion as a pro-choice Catholic. […]

How do you know if you're called to be a Catholic priest? Fr. George Elliott shares his vocation story and discernment wisdom

Why Are You a Catholic Priest? Fr. George Elliott Shares About His Discernment

Have you ever looked at a Catholic Priest and wondered why are you a Catholic priest? Father George Elliott shares why he became a Catholic Priest through a short testimony of how God called him to the priesthood. If you are wondering why become a priest or how do you know if you should become […]

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Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice

Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice

https://catholic-link.org/advent-2022-the-best-catholic-resources/ In solitude Christ speaks to the heart, as a modest lover who embraces not His beloved before all the world.”In silence we hear so much that is beautiful. The other day I saw a young mother who said,...

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