Cat-O-Link Is Here | Introducing The New Catholic-Link!

Cat-O-Link Is Here | Introducing The New Catholic-Link!

Cat-o-link April Fool's Joke


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These Guys Took One Direction’s Song And Made It About Virtue: What makes you beautiful?

 A wise man I once knew (no, really!) gave a group of us some seriously good advice: marry a man who loves you for your heart, not for your face. Although this video is a group of guys speaking to girls, predominantly about modesty, I think the main point, that ‘virtue makes you beautiful’ can, […]


What does Messi’s Game Have to do with Christian life?

While in the normal realm of physics there are 4 directions (left, right, up, down) Messi seems to move in only three: he doesn’t go down. Push him, pull his shirt, karate kick him, slide tackle him, poke his eyes out, and he still has the ball at his feet moving towards the goal. I am not going to put him as an example of Christian life. I don’t know enough about him. Nevertheless, the way he plays is truly exemplar: if there is a way to persevere, to continue the play, he finds it. What propels him? Only a guess, but I would say the love of the game. Laziness pulling at your shirt? Gossip taking you down from behind? Lust  pushing you to do things you regret? Parent’s divorce kicking you where it […]


“Another baby? What were you thinking!” Don’t miss this kid’s reaction to a new sibling!

saw this video and couldn’t help but wonder if most people don’t ask the same question that Andre did.  “What were you thinking?!” Just ask Jim Gaffigan about the struggles of adding more and more (and more!) children into a family. We tend to put limits on the possibilities of love because of our own fears. For […]


Recommended Movie: “The Incredibles” (2004)

“The Incredibles” is an animated film that focuses on the life of a family in which all members have superhero powers. It is one of those few animated productions that has the unusual ability to reach a big range of ages with its plot, including adults. Beyond the great technique that was used to make […]


What “the chicken or the egg” can teach us about fidelity

 This short animation, made by Christine Kim and Elaine Wu of Ringling College of Art and Design, tells the story of a pig with a strange addiction to eggs. When he falls in love with a hen he has to choose which comes first…the chicken or the egg?! I think this a good opportunity to […]

Good News

“Good News of Great Joy” – The Story of Salvation History

This is a video released by St. Paul’s Arts & Media (New Zealand). The video in itself is strikingly clever and the kid’s acting couldn’t be better. It’s a run down of the history of our salvation that begins at the Garden of Eden and ends with the announcement of the birth of Jesus. There […]


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