“I am Sin”: The Different Faces of Sin in Our Lives

by Holiness, Morals & Values, Sin, Spiritual Warfare

The reality of sin, “a fact as practical as potatoes” according to Chesterton, is one that touches all of our lives, and every part of them in different ways. Its power is significant, but it, by no means, should lead us to despair. Our reaction should be humility, the recognition that we can’t do it alone, and hope. Self-knowledge is key. Without knowing our concrete weaknesses, how we can fight them? Recognizing our sins certainly isn’t a pleasurable experience, quite the opposite, but ignoring them only makes it worse. Nothing brings more joy and more freedom than truth, and, in Christ, truth and hope come hand in hand. We have a solid hope in the reconciliation brought to us by Jesus Christ. The message of His incarnation, death and resurrection speaks loud and clear: life with Christ is a life worth living, worth fighting for.

Put briefly, our awareness of sin should remind us of two realities. The first is the intrinsic goodness of the human being. Christ lived a truly human life and went to the extreme to save it. We should do the same. Secondly, the fact that each day Christ and all the saints are by our side fighting our battles with us.

It would be good to break down criteria and different aspects presented in the video. Then try and identify the ones most present in our lives. Lastly, try and formulate a concrete plan of how you can fight sin in your day to day life.

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