6 Tips To “Keep Holy the Sabbath Day” When You’re Stuck Working

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We are called to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy (and as Catholics we have a moral obligation to attend Sunday Mass). For many of us, however, our job or station in life may mean that Sundays are just as busy as every other day of the week, maybe even more so. In the bustle of fitting Mass into an already-hectic day, how can we help make the rest of our Sunday feel special, holy and set apart?  

Below we present some practical ideas that may help you keep your Sabbath holy.

6 Tips To Help Keep The Sabbath Day Holy

1. Have a Tidy Space


If there is a spare moment to your Saturday, engage in a bit of tidying up so that you can start your Sunday in a calm and orderly environment, allowing you to make the most of any peaceful moments you manage to catch during the day.

2. Wear Something Special


What we wear is important; it can set the tone for how we feel about the day and ourselves.

Even if you have to work on a Sunday and wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code, you can still strive to make it special. When I had work on a Sunday, I tried to make sure that my uniform for that day was my best and that it was as clean and crisp as it could be. It was a very little thing, but it helped mark the day as something special, even if I still had to go into work.

3. Cook Beforehand, Take in Treats, or Prepare a Special Packed Lunch

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If you can find time, prepare a meal as much as possible in advance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the social aspect of the meal than the stress of making it. If you are at work, take in something extra special with your lunch that you enjoy. Maybe you could even take in coffee-time treats for your co-workers . This is a wonderful way of sharing the joy of the day of Resurrection with others.

4. Spend Some Time Outside

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Whether it is a quick moment in the garden in the morning, a coffee break spent outside or a walk after work, spending time outside might not be something we often get to do. Making the effort on a Sunday to spend time in nature or just enjoying your surroundings outside is a good reminder of God and the glory of His creation and all that He has given us.

5. Shop in Advance (If You Can!)

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Plan ahead so that you have all your necessary groceries and essentials for Sunday, allowing you to stay out of the shops and giving you more time for rest and recreation.

6. Pray Your Way Through the Day


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If you do have to do some form of work on a Sunday, it can feel quite isolating, especially if you know the rest of your family or Catholic community are enjoying their post-Mass coffees and family mealtimes. It is a sacrifice to work during everyone else’s leisure time. However, you can unite yourself with the rest of the Church by saying small prayers whenever you can.  

Everything we do is a chance to give to God. If you have to work on a Sunday, you can give that time to God as an act of service. Everything you do for others, you can offer up as a gift, whether it’s a horrendous shift at the hospital, a difficult client or a stressful day of work. Your work can become a prayer for others.

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