Here’s A Quick Refresher On How To Go To Confession?

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Whether this is a refresher or an introduction, this film creatively walks through the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a way that will stick with you. In his recent book, “The Name of God is Mercy“, Pope Francis reminds us of the importance of going to confession, especially during this Year of Mercy.

I think many still struggle to understand why it’s so important to go, to understand the beauty and power of the sacrament. When asked why it is important to go to confession, Pope Francis responded:

“Jesus said to his apostles: “Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained” (John 20:19–23). Therefore, the apostles and all their successors—the bishops and their colleagues the priests—become instruments of the mercy of God. They act in persona Christi. This is very beautiful. It has deep significance because we are social beings. If you are not capable of talking to your brother about your mistakes, you can be sure that you can’t talk about them with God, either, and therefore you end up confessing into the mirror, to yourself. We are social beings, and forgiveness has a social implication; my sin wounds mankind, my brothers and sisters, and society as a whole. Confessing to a priest is a way of putting my life into the hands and heart of someone else, someone who in that moment acts in the name of Jesus. It’s a way to be real and authentic: we face the facts by looking at another person and not in the mirror.”

We hope today’s post and video will be a great refresher and give you the boost you need to make it to confession, especially if you haven’t been in a while!

How Do I Go To Confession?

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