How A Catholic Can Support Their Community On #GivingTuesday

by Catholic Church

The event the National Catholic Register declares “most successful Catholic crowdfunding event to date,” #iGiveCatholic, returns on #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1.  

On a day when people raise hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations, charities and nonprofits, #iGiveCatholic provides a platform for people to celebrate their faith by finding and giving back to the parishes, schools and ministries that matter to them. 

The #iGiveCatholic team was inspired by the generosity people show each year on #GivingTuesday, which is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 

On Dec. 1, you can tap into the Church’s tradition of charitable works and support ministries working to help those in need. And what’s more, advanced giving is already underway—so you don’t have to wait till Dec. 1 to make an impact!

The simple, direct way to search and donate on the #iGiveCatholic site has led to numerous success stories within the Catholic community. Building an adoration chapel on a college campus and buying new computers for Catholic grade-school students are just two of the many projects made possible by generous donors.

The #iGiveCatholic movement has been growing since its inception in 2015. Last year, #iGiveCatholic donors contributed $7.4 million. 2020 promises to be even bigger.

This year, there are nearly 2,500 participating parishes, schools and ministries across 40 dioceses and foundations in the United States from which to choose. Opportunities range from supporting seminarians to funding Catholic school tuition for those in need to sustaining Catholic homeless shelters and hospitals.

Let’s rally together once again to continue the good work of the Church across the country. 

Go to to learn more, find a participating organization and make an early donation. 

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