Holy Heat: Meet the Monks Behind This Incredible Hot Sauce

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When you envision the life of a Monk, you most likely think of a simple lifestyle centered around prayer. The Monks at Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas definitely embrace the monastic, contemplative spiritual life, but they do have a tradition that might surprise you.

“A good monk is a balance between prayer and work,” Father Richard Walz tells us in this video produced by Great Big Story. The Benedictine Monks have become famous for their Monk Sauce, which is a spicy habañero pepper sauce. Fr. Richard is not only responsible for creating the secret recipe behind the hot sauce, but is also the farmer who begins production by growing the plants necessary to make it. He’s involved in every step of the process from start to finish. Offering all his work as a prayer.

Stories like this are reminders that when God calls men and women to a religious vocation, He will use and cultivate their gifts and talents. There are many unique opportunities to evangelize and help others through the skills that God has bestowed upon us. Everything we do can be done as a prayer and given to God for His Glory. How is God calling you to creatively use the talent He has given you to serve Him?

11 Surprising Ways Monks Spend Their Time

What exactly do Monks do? Well, pray, but also this amazing list of 11 things.

Source: catholic-link.org/2015/06/01/11-surprising-ways-monks-spend-their-time/

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