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This Advent, Hallow is inviting the Catholic-Link community to pray through every chapter of Matthew. Most days are one chapter, but they’ve combined a few to fit the 28 chapters of Matthew into the 25 days of Advent.

Each day, you’ll read a passage from the chapter of the day, reflect on it, and then follow prompts for you to bring to God. There will be 5, 10, and 15-minute options to fit every schedule. You are welcome to read the entire chapter on your own, but it’s not required!

Why did Hallow choose the Gospel of Matthew for Advent?

The Gospel of Matthew begins with the angel declaring “you shall name him Emmanuel,” which means “God is with us.”

And the Gospel of Matthew ends with Jesus declaring, “I will be with you always, until the end of the age.”

From the first chapter to the last, the Gospel of Matthew reveals what God wants us to know: He is with us. In Advent, we prepare ourselves for the coming of God in three ways: at Christmas 2,000 years ago, into our lives today, and at the end of time.

That’s why, during Advent, we sing “O come, O come Emmanuel.” We pray: Come, God who is with us. Come into our hearts, come into our world. Transform us. Bring us closer to your Son. Breathe in us your Holy Spirit. Fill us with your grace to live out the sacrificial love you modeled for us. And at the end of our earthly life, bring us home to you.

This Advent, we hope to read the story of Jesus anew, in a way we haven’t done before yet on Hallow. We hope to see Jesus’ coming on Christmas in light of the whole picture – from his miraculous birth to his teachings, his death, and finally, to his triumphant Resurrection.

Find out more about Hallow’s #Pray25 Here!

Because they want everyone to be able to participate in this Advent initiative, Hallow is offering a 3-month free trial AND including 20% off of Hallow Plus after the trial until December 11th! Just click here to activate your offer.

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