“Every Single Day Is A Gift” – A Testimony Against Assisted Suicide

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October is Pro-Life month, and many of our readers and writers may have been participating in international 40-Days For Life campaigns across the world, praying and ministering outside abortuaries. But we should not forget about abortion’s fellow traveler, assisted suicide.

The culture of death has crept into the mainstream via the movement advocating assisted suicide, a trend we don’t hear quite as much about, but which is, sadly, gaining momentum. Human life includes suffering, but as JJ Hanson says, “every single day is a gift.”

Diagnosed with terminal Grade 4 brain cancer, Hanson is determined to fight for his own life and to speak out for others against the errors of euthanasia and the push towards anti-life legislation. Learn more about his advocacy as president of the Patient Rights Action Fund, (PRAF).

Man Of Steel

Let us pray for all people facing terminal illness and incurable pain, that, along with their families, they would resist the culture of death and the allure of assisted suicide.

We are not the authors of our own lives or deaths, but we can and must proclaim the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

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