Five Benefits of Dating Catholic

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Relationships are so many things: wonderful, difficult, adventurous, etc.

What about Godly? A relationship that glorifies Jesus Christ? Well, we are meant to glorify our King in all that we say and do, in every aspect of our lives.

What about dating men and women who are also members of the beautiful holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church? Well, from my experience, it’s pretty dang awesome. A true 10/10, would 100% recommend.

Why date Catholic? Check out these awesome reasons:

1. You are rooted within the original Church founded by the Main Man Himself, Jesus Christ

Catholics know that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church in 33 A.D. He appointed St. Peter to be the head of the Church, with the hope intention that believers and followers would continue to preach His word and teachings. Having a relationship rooted in that, you’ve got to experience it for yourself!

2. Your beliefs on what matters, match!

To quote a priest I know, “our religion is not a smorgasbord of beliefs that we can pick and choose from. There are teachings that we as Catholics must accept in order to call ourselves Catholic. There is no ‘I’m Catholic, but.’ You either are or you’re not.”

While that can be a bit intense to hear, it is in fact, true. To be Catholic we *have* to accept XYZ. Being Catholic and rejecting a teaching is called heresy.

How does this tie in with relationships? Well, being with a practicing, sincere Catholic, you can be assured you see eye to eye on what will glorify God and what matters. Issues like… both being pro-life, having love for the LGBT community but rejecting gay acts/marriage, being against contraception while supporting natural family planning (if you need to use it, and once you’re married—that is!).

3. You push one another towards Christ

Couples who pray together, stay together! Imagine a relationship where you and your significant other encourage one another to go to Mass (heck, go together!), go to Confession, Eucharistic Adoration, and pray together. From my personal experience, it’s beautiful when I see my boyfriend humble himself before God during Mass and Adoration. And while we never have had major issues with it, he is my “double checker” when it comes to what I am wearing, encouraging me to protect my purity and dignity through what I wear: nothing too short, nothing low cut, and nothing tight. It’s one of his sweet ways of reminding me that I am a child of God and His messenger, and I must talk like it, act like it, and dress like it! I also love our prayer life: Bible study, the rosary, watching videos from Fr. Mike Schmitz, and books! And while it’s not directly prayer… taking trips to buy Catholic merchandise! Yesss! Oh, and being able to gift each other Catholic merchandise. Double yes.

4. You set a wonderful foundation for marriage

Getting married in the Church is beautiful. While technically, only one of you needs to be Catholic, having both of you believe in the fullness of this beautiful Sacrament is even better. Centering a marriage around the Catholic Church: the Eucharist and its Sacraments and teachings, I think, is a pretty solid way to go. Having marriage troubles? You have your priest to go to, you can offer problems up during Mass, and can pray about it together and/or for one another at Adoration and while praying the rosary.

Oh yeah, and knowing your spouse is praying for you at the highest form of worship? YASSS!

Same goes for family matters. Also, while the Church only really requires one parent to raise the children in the faith in an interfaith marriage, it’s awesome to have both parents involved in raising the child in the faith. Sons often take after their father, and daughters, their mothers. That’s one of the reasons why I feel it’s super important to have both the mother and father as Godly, Catholic rooted people/parents.

5. Each person in the relationship knows real Love

Real Love is Christ. Christ established the Church. Therefore, the best chance of finding the meaning of Love is through the Church. Knowing it, it can be taken into the relationship. I once read, “A man who loves Jesus will love you better.” I believe that is true. Plus, in the Sacraments offered in the Church, you can encounter love and grace in a way that you can’t in other churches/ways. It’s a very unique, true, and beautiful way. Have your relationship rooted in it.

So what are you waiting for! Go pray and let God lead you the way to your Catholic match ?


This post was submitted to Catholic-Link by guest author Meredith Lemo. If you have an idea for a guest article, you can submit it to us here.


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